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Who I am nominating is my boss, Casey Mizer. She has taught me so much about Research and the Research world in such a short amount of time. She has helped me come out of my little shy shell and to really be able to talk to our patients without hesitating on what to say or do, and she has also taught me how to recruit patients as well without feeling shy or nervous. She has been a wonderful teacher and mentor in all aspects of my life, and I am able to learn something new everyday with her guidance. She has taken me under her wing and continues to teach and guide me daily. She has pushed me way out of my comfort zone on many occasions and forced me to break down many walls and barriers that I never knew that I had formed. She is able to turn almost every situation into something that is a teachable lesson or to help correct what was wrong or poorly done.

Additional Information

Nominee Organization: Amarillo Center for Clinical Research
The Florence Effect attribute(s) this nominee embodies:: Innovative, Gutsy, Determined, Generous, Empowered
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