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I have known Helen for over 15 years. We both started as research study coordinators where we met at a conference. Since then we have taken some different routes and in the last few years, the same route, as Clinical Research Associates for CROs of IQVIA and now PRAHS. Helen was my mentor for a year. Helen possesses all the attributes of the Florence Effect! She is compassionate, sincere and generous of her time when interacting with site staff at all locations (hospitals, clinics, cancer centers). Having been a nurse, Helen knows that the staff she interacts with are vital in the lives of many patients who are going through clinical trials. Helen has been on the front lines and understands the needs of patients and the site staff who work with them. This makes her invaluable as a CRA. In the CRO/sponsor environment, Helen is innovative, gutsy, creative and determined in caring out her responsibilities. She has offered suggestions, shared ideas and experiences, taught other CRAs and site staff and does whatever it takes to get her job done in a professional but empathetic manner. She has taken it upon herself to offer to help others and it is an ongoing process. Helen is very determined that she share her monitoring and nursing talents with others so they can better understand. She empowers herself and others to do a good job and excel. When Helen is empowered by her managers to perform, she completes this and more. Helen has vast experience in oncology by working in different roles, i.e. nursing, leadership, study coordinator, CRA and community leader. Her calm and positive nature enable her to be viewed as knowledgeable and open to everyone. She also puts others before her own needs. In fact, I truly believe she could be related to Florence Nightengale!!

Additional Information

Nominee Organization: PRA Health Sciences
The Florence Effect attribute(s) this nominee embodies:: Compassionate, Innovative, Sincere, Gutsy, Determined, Generous, Empowered
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