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Kiva Schindler is my mentor. Over my four years in research Kiva has made a measurable impact as a passionate advocate for those that work for her and may be new to research. Her knowledge and experience match her abundant amount of patience and kindness. Kiva is a research manager. Her many contributions to our team and to the field of research can sometimes be overlooked. I feel an award like this will relay my message to her. She has taught me much about research as well as working with others, trust, and having each others’ backs.
When confused, she will enlighten. When overwhelmed, she will take some of the load off you. When ready to give up, she will be there ready to listen, advise, and even leave open the option to give up- if that is what is best for you. A selfless act from a boss that is already working with an understaffed team. Kiva has truly inspired me, on more than one occasion, to remain and grow in this field. I am merely one of the many lives she has touched throughout the years.
To give an example of Kiva’s determination to have the back of her employees, I once watched her struggle for days thinking about and writing up a report in order to save one of my co-workers from serious consequences due to a lack in judgment. Kiva went above and beyond to make it clear that this employee did what she thought was the right thing under the given circumstances. I had never seen a boss put so much heart and time into helping one of her employees escape punishment. Kiva is my role model. Her leadership is different than any I have seen. Different in a great way. She is supportive, resourceful, trusted, passionate and positive. I am grateful to have met her and work so closely with her.

Additional Information

Nominee Organization: Emory University School of Medicine at Grady
The Florence Effect attribute(s) this nominee embodies:: Compassionate, Innovative, Sincere, Gutsy, Determined, Generous, Empowered
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