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Michelle is the SVP of operations at Circuit Clinical. She leads our clinical operations team and is a compassionate leader that always makes time to support and mentor our team of researchers on the front line with clinical trial participants. Michelle talks the talk but walks the walk. Her team always has a voice, feels heard and supported. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Michelle found innovative ways for our staff to work. No one was laid off even though some studies were halted. While other research sites furloughed their employees and weren't financially sustainable it was through Michelle's leadership that we found innovative ways to keep our research business going. The success has proven itself to be fruitful. We have been able to maintain trial continuity with our active study participants. Been awarded COVID-19 trials and been able to execute start up quickly by our amazing team and start enrolling patients infected with COVID-19 into clinical trials in less than 3 days after being awarded the study! I am honored to work with this entire team and see how strong leadership empowers a team during difficult times. Kudos to Circuit Clinical!!!

Additional Information

Nominee Organization: Circuit
The Florence Effect attribute(s) this nominee embodies:: Compassionate, Innovative, Sincere, Determined, Empowered
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