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Annamarie started at our clinic three years ago as a young recruitment specialist. Her warm voice, her empathy, and her sweetness made all the patients she called fall in love with her. She took the time to talk with them and made that crucial first connection.

Later she moved into the position of clinical research coordinator. Again, I can’t say enough about her connection to our patients. In a manner that’s professional and kind, she connects with our patients. They love her and ask about her. Regularly, patients are raving to me about her.

I’m so grateful to have her on my team not only for the wonderful bedside manner but also for her extreme work ethic, attention to detail, and her ability to be efficient in a way that many coordinators struggle with. She goes the extra mile and she does it with a smile. She does all this at a full-time FTE level while still pursuing her education towards a nursing degree- something Florence Nightingale would appreciate.

She is our go-to eSource guru, our hilarious code-cracker for millennial

Nominee Organization: Injury Care Research


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I’ve been working with Teri for the last few months now, and she is 100% devoted to making the PIER Consortium live up to the highest standards and best practices in Clinical Trials. She is always making sure her staff has everything they need to be successful, and is an extremely passionate person when it comes to finding cures. Thank you, Teri, for your part in helping the world!

Nominee Organization: PIER Consortium


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Nominee Organization:

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