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Reggie is DelRicht’s resident regulatory expert and a client favorite. If you’ve met Reggie, you understand why he is beloved by his colleagues and all clients alike. In an inspiring display of duality, he shows pride in his team’s accomplishments yet humbly understates his personal achievements. It’s not uncommon for Reggie to step out of his role as Regulatory Manager to help others. He recently volunteered to deliver critical study supplies to trial participants who have been unable to leave their homes during the pandemic. Reggie’s continued dedication to moving medicine forward and serving his community also drives him to subscribe to countless industry outlets, ensuring he is equipped with up-to-date standards and guidance to enrich the organization. Simply put, he’s an emblem of intentional excellence and all-around great human being.

Additional Information

Nominee Organization: DelRicht Research
The Florence Effect attribute(s) this nominee embodies:: Compassionate, Innovative, Sincere, Determined, Generous, Empowered
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