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Having worked with Vatche a few years back on a number of projects when looking for a CRO partner; it is without a surprise to see Vatche and his Vantage BioTrials team cumulate all their recent awards, including passing the Pilot Inspection Program that was launched by Health Canada in 2018 and all of Vantage success stories while growing their portfolio & team.

Vatche’s years of expertise ensures that any project will be handled successfully, proactively and with his great sense of leadership and his creativity, Vatche empowers his employees, and is without a doubt the reason why Vantage BioTrials is striving during these more difficult times.

Over the years Vatche has been involved in numerous groups and has made a positive impact towards Canada’s Clinical Trial landscape. As an Advisor to Global Affairs Canada's Life Science group, he regularly provides the Canadian Government with his advice on the future of the clinical trial landscape in order to better position Canada as an effective and competitive place to run clinical studies. Vatche’s organization, Vantage BioTrials, organized a patient centric conference series called Canada Talks Pharma, which brings industry leaders together to discuss potential challenges being faced in clinical trials/research and find ways to overcome them. Lastly, Vatche is actively advising to Colorectal Cancer Canada for the “Patient Pathway Model to Accessing Cancer Clinical Trials” initiative which work to improve the quality of cancer clinical trials and access to new treatments through the integration of patient partners into the cancer clinical research and development continuum.

Vatche’s personality is warm, empathetic, compassionate and will constantly remind us to invest our heart and efforts in the people and projects that we touch with our work.

My nomination for the Florence Effect, which represents pioneering leader who is transforming the industry in a positive tone goes to Vatche Bartekian.

Additional Information

Nominee Organization: Vantage BioTrials
The Florence Effect attribute(s) this nominee embodies:: Compassionate, Innovative, Sincere, Gutsy, Determined, Generous, Empowered
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