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Do you or someone you know have an inspiring story that embodies The Florence Effect in Clinical Research? We want to hear it! Anyone who works in a role related to Clinical Research is eligible – from research sites to Sponsors, CROs, and other organizations.

For each nomination, The Florence Effect will make a donation to Greater Gift. And, the winner will receive a $500 American Express gift card (in lieu of our traditional remote-inspired airfare getaway card.). Once you submit your story – go vote and share!

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Cindy was a joy to work with and brought a smile to everyone’s face on a daily basis. She treated everyone like family, patients and staff alike. Always had a positive can do attitude.

Nominee Organization: Gastroenterology Associates of Gainesville

With more than 20 yrs as PI and in constant academic training (he is Magister in Clinical Research and was certified by ACRP) is a renowned researcher with a deep commitment to scientific dissemination. He wrote several books (“On Clinical Trials and Magical Realism” and “The Bench and the Bedside. Management of Translational Research”), scientific papers and lectures. He created and is president of Articular Foundation, a not profit organization whose goal is to share the science with the community and vice versa.

From his experience and leadership in clinical trials he developed the Translational Research Unit where clinical and basic investigator work together. This teams discover and developed a new technology platform that could impact in illness like NASH, scleroderma and Pulmonary fibrosis. From it he developed a biotech spin off

Nominee Organization: CER reaserch institute

Annamarie started at our clinic three years ago as a young recruitment specialist. Her warm voice, her empathy, and her sweetness made all the patients she called fall in love with her. She took the time to talk with them and made that crucial first connection.

Later she moved into the position of clinical research coordinator. Again, I can’t say enough about her connection to our patients. In a manner that’s professional and kind, she connects with our patients. They love her and ask about her. Regularly, patients are raving to me about her.

I’m so grateful to have her on my team not only for the wonderful bedside manner but also for her extreme work ethic, attention to detail, and her ability to be efficient in a way that many coordinators struggle with. She goes the extra mile and she does it with a smile. She does all this at a full-time FTE level while still pursuing her education towards a nursing degree- something Florence Nightingale would appreciate.

She is our go-to eSource guru, our hilarious code-cracker for millennial

Nominee Organization: Injury Care Research

I’ve been working with Teri for the last few months now, and she is 100% devoted to making the PIER Consortium live up to the highest standards and best practices in Clinical Trials. She is always making sure her staff has everything they need to be successful, and is an extremely passionate person when it comes to finding cures. Thank you, Teri, for your part in helping the world!

Nominee Organization: PIER Consortium

Dr. Haber was born and raised in Laredo, TX. He left Laredo to pursue college and medical school and then returned in 1987 to serve Laredo’s medical needs as an internal medicine physician. In 2017 he realized in order to update clinical standards in his hometown, a clinical research group was needed. He formed Laguna Clinical Research Associates, and joined with 8 other physicians to implement research. His group currently has 2 active studies (one with Novartis for nephropathy and another with BMS for atrial fibrillation). His goal is to expand the research program all over the south texas area. His drive is gaining the attention of major medical centers and his goals are becoming attainable. He is transforming medical practice in Laredo.

Nominee Organization: Laguna Clinical Research Associates, LLC

Juliana is a fantastic colleague. She is always there for you to help with whatever is needed. She works diligently to make sure her work is done to the utmost perfection. She strives everyday to do her best and to help her coworkers along with her patients. I know that whenever I need assistance Juliana will be there to help with whatever task I am asking her to do.

Nominee Organization: Meridian Clinical Research

I work with her On a daily basis, she cares for her patients. Casey is a go-getter. And always seems to put others before herself.

Nominee Organization: Allergy ARTS Clincal Research

Very dedicated and caring

Nominee Organization: Richard jessing

Mark is the lead nurse for cardiac and radiology nursing but stepped up to get multiple COVID-19 research trials up and running in our trust whilst also assisting clinically when needed and absolutely always being a kind, strong and dependable leader in these difficult and challenging times. I’m very grateful to have such a nursing leader in my professional life.

Nominee Organization: Royal Berkshire Hospital

Hi, Jane is the most thoughtful, sweet, happy, smart, committed person that I know. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She is the 1st person to help someone without any judgement or thought about herself. She constantly asks if people need something. She has worked for research as a CRC for 12 years and has had many research participants ask to have her be their coordinator for their visits. She always does her best even though she has personal hardships. She deserves to be recognized. thank you, Tammy

Nominee Organization: Meridian Clinical Research
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