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Kimberly is beyond dedicated to our department and our team in clinical trials at The Valley Hospital. She brings much valued knowledge and experience to our team. She embodies all of the attributes in The Florence Effect. She not only shows compassion for our subjects but she offers the same heartfelt compassion to our team members by offering an ear or kind words when necessary- she is never too busy to connect and show kindness. Our subjects often open up to her and develop a special bond with her because she sincerely cares which then builds their trust. She often thinks of innovative ideas and workflows for our studies to keep our team and department running efficiently. She takes initiative to collaborate with other areas of the hospital so our team is well represented and recognized for our efforts. She is not afraid to move out of her comfort zone with her ideas and collaboration (gutsy). Kim will often generously stay late or come in early and has even adjusted her work schedule (with manager approval) to accommodate our subjects

Nominee Organization: The Valley Hospital

Jovita is a highly trained and qualified clinical research study coordinator. During the pandemic the principal investigator’s due to being in the high-risk category stayed home. Jovita stepped up took the lead, trained all the staff on virtual visits and made sure the subjects received the follow up care that they needed. I am proud of such colleagues who during the pandemic did not panic and stepped in and are the silent heroes of today that take care of patients relentlessly. Jovita worked with sponsors for work around and solutions for patients that were in Quarantine. I am so glad to be working with her, individuals like Jovita are many and I refer to them as hidden heroes, who despite the difficulties were determined to serve while risking their own lives and did not close the research site even for a single day.

Nominee Organization: Chicago Clinical Research Institute Inc.

Kiva Schindler is my mentor. Over my four years in research Kiva has made a measurable impact as a passionate advocate for those that work for her and may be new to research. Her knowledge and experience match her abundant amount of patience and kindness. Kiva is a research manager. Her many contributions to our team and to the field of research can sometimes be overlooked. I feel an award like this will relay my message to her. She has taught me much about research as well as working with others, trust, and having each others’ backs.
When confused, she will enlighten. When overwhelmed, she will take some of the load off you. When ready to give up, she will be there ready to listen, advise, and even leave open the option to give up- if that is what is best for you. A selfless act from a boss that is already working with an understaffed team. Kiva has truly inspired me, on more than one occasion, to remain and grow in this field. I am merely one of the

Nominee Organization: Emory University School of Medicine at Grady

Awesome help for our research

Nominee Organization: North well Health Lenox hill hospital

Kay Scroggins, RN, is resourceful, compassionate, relentless, inspirational and a brilliant visionary. She started her research site in 2001 with just one coordinator, a one-paragraph business plan and a vision to create the premier independent research site.

Today, she is President/CEO of one of the largest independent research sites in the U.S., with more than 60 employees, conducting more than 100 trials a year across 50 indications: Clinical Trials of Texas, Inc. (CTT).

Kay’s original business plan was a highly innovative model. She was a trailblazer in the industry by creating one of the first independent research sites which allowed physicians to conduct research while still focusing on their practice.

Innovation flows through every department in this highly efficient and adaptive company and Kay encourages and rewards team members who seek out more efficient workflows and creative problem solving to ensure enrollment success and high quality. As a result, the company is able to nimbly scale, such as it did last year when it enrolled almost 2,000 patients in a single trial in three months.

Before the industry began widespread

Nominee Organization: Clinical Trials of Texas

Margie is loyal and dependable and never complains. She is on top of her projects and leads training for a sponsor that has constant changes with SOPs and processes. She does not get the recognition she deserves.

Nominee Organization: MedSource CRO

Margie is always available to lend a hand to a fellow researcher in need, whether to stop to join a call to determine an emergency solution to an unexpected problem or listen to you vent, She is not afraid to speak up for the underdog, or give credit when credit is due, She is humble, a servant leader and finds a silver lining in everything. Most of all she never fails to say thank you and how much she appreciates you.

Nominee Organization: MedSource

Christine came from a background that had nothing to do with research, and fate seemed to bring her to Meridian Clinical Research. She started as a research assistant and worked her way to clinical research coordinator where she thrived for many years. Today, she is the director of the clinical site. Christine is not one to back down when it comes to protecting subjects and her staff. She has an incredibly strong moral fiber, and knows when to follow her instincts. She is an independent thinker. While ensuring the best quality of research, she also still makes the work environment a fun place to be! She is quick with a laugh and a joke, and puts subjects at ease. She is a go to for blood draws because of her confidence and ease! Just as she thrived as a study coordinator, she now thrives as a director. Her staff trusts her, and is willing to go to her with any problem. Christine is the type of director that makes people want to stay and be part of the work family

Nominee Organization: Meridian Clinical Research

Shanti is a phenomenal coordinator who does a wonderful job at all times!

Nominee Organization: Mount Sinai
Nominee Organization: Medsource

William is tireless in his work on clinical trials. His expertise in regulatory requirements, and dual role of cIRB professional and manager of research resulted in his recent promotion to Director of Research regulatory and compliance. This new role for the organization was created to provide leadership and ensure regulatory and internal research compliance for the recently merged hospital network. William is highly regarded as dedicated and determined. He is the guy who makes things happen and creatively makes barriers disappear. With William , there no “it can’t be done” and we can be assured it will be done with all the regulatory details in order.

Nominee Organization: Nuvance Health

Crystal Rowell APRN, FNP-C is a true “SOUTHERN” Florence Nightingale. She takes her nursing to heart and truly believes in the science behind healing. She is always one to take care of anyone in need. All our patients love her and she is determined to help anyone in any possible way. Her determination when it comes to Research is unbelievably empowering. If it wasn’t for Crystal and her determination, I truly would not be the Researcher I am today.

Nominee Organization: Meridian Clinical Research

Angela is in a pivotal role as she helps connect hundreds of monitors to the information they need to access within the framework of a huge research network. She always acts as a partner when interacting with another research professional. No matter the work she is tasked with from providing monitors remote access to responding to queries – Angela is fast, responsive, and thorough. It’s unusual to work with someone that is under so much pressure and is still such a joy, but she is the exception.

Nominee Organization: McKesson US Oncology

Dr Brennan is a pioneer in research and inspirational leader

Nominee Organization: Northwell Health

Carrie O’Neill serves as the Manager of the Office of Research Compliance, Education, and Outreach within the University Hospitals Health System Clinical Research Center. She has over 20+ years of experience in clinical research, including at our academic health center, in private practice, as a consultant, and scientist. This past year she increased the number of audits exponentially to ensure that our research was safe and ethical. She’s an idea machine–always pushing the envelope for innovation, efficiency, and scalability. One to always think ten steps ahead, it is clear that her experience allows her to be an empowered member of a leadership team while empowering those on her team. Her determination is evident in her never-give-up attitude–oftentimes managing to push through initiatives that were previously unsupported. Carrie’s compassion comes not only from working in clinical research with a pediatric population, but also from being an incredible, family-first mother whose championing of work-life balance extends to her team. Her vision and ability to act with urgency while thinking and planning strategically make her an asset to any team or organization willing

Nominee Organization: University Hospitals
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