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Jessica came on board to our practice taking the CRC position in out Coon Rapids location. This was an office where as most we had engaged MD’s, dabblers and the non accruing. Jessica established herself and worked with the whole clinic to advance this location to fiscal year 2020 total physician engagement and accrual of 29, leading our practice throughout the year. Her passion to take a program that appeared disengaged and utilize her innovation to make it the most engaged of all our locations is a credit to her and what I feel Florence Nightingale embodied.

Nominee Organization: Minnesota Oncology

Alexis is an amazing study manager! Her interpersonal skills with the patients and my staff are impeccable and are primarily responsible for keeping our research on track during the COVID crisis. She is meticulous and thorough in her documentation and understanding of the research protocols. She frequently drove to clients homes to manage supplies and even came to work on a weekend to accommodate a patient. It is an honor to work alongside Alexis.

Nominee Organization: Elligo

Dr. Go runs research for Kaiser Permanente of California. During COVID he answered the call to move away from his typical cardiovascualr duties to re-tool Kaisers research to work toward COVID therapies. Dr. hasn’t had a day off since March 8 as he and his team slog their way, for us, towards an answer.

Nominee Organization: Kaiser Permanente

Outstanding Leadership:
Cory Kelly is a Research Scientist 4 and the Associate Director of the Stroke and Applied NeuroScience (SANS) Center at the University of Washington Department of Neurological Surgery. His outstanding leadership is exemplified in his efforts to build the SANS center lab into an organization that is independent and self-sustaining. A center provides support for doctors and scientists from diverse backgrounds and fields for research that is focused on big picture projects to alleviate pain and cure ailments from traditionally underserved populations. He is the type of person who always goes above and beyond in integrity and honesty. He is still engrossed in the day-to-day aspects of the ~30 project research portfolio; the SANS Center handles while in parallel developing the center at an administrative and philanthropic level. He is also committed to selfless service and perseverance, always focusing on improving education branch and training programs for the needs of the undergraduate and medical students, and the future development of neurosurgery faculty and residents. His training in the US Army leads him to develop a leadership style that

Nominee Organization: University of Washington

Stephanie worked as the Clinical Research Coordinator on several groundbreaking first episode psychosis and schizophrenia trials at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. Stephanie’s unwavering dedication to advancing science in schizophrenia research and impacting as many patient lives in the process is evident through her years of work in the field. She has worked heavily with underserved communities and has always put her heart and soul into ensuring that families have access to all the resources and services they need while caring for their loved one.

Stephanie’s work continues to drive change within the Atlanta community. Her interest in mental health advocacy and the improvement in quality of mental health care provision led to other projects and career opportunities. She is the founder of NaviPsych, a mental health coaching and consulting agency. Stephanie is also the Executive Director of the Lee Thompson Young Foundation, a mental health education nonprofit that supports eliminating stigma related to mental illness through evidence-based mental health education. Keep doing amazing work!

Nominee Organization: NaviPsych

Andrew was instrumental in starting our first COVID trial. He enrolled 2 patients in the first week of the study and currently has over 15% of the total patients enrolled patients in the study. He has a great research mentality and always volunteers to promote research within the Network.

Nominee Organization: Lehigh Valley Health Network, Office of Research and Innovation

Rose has volunteered every summer for, for the last 15 years at a camp for children with cancer to give them (and their families) a place where they can experience the joy of childhood without the stigma of cancer that comes from being a child with cancer in a camp with healthy kids. Rose is goes all in every day at work and is dedicated and sincere in everything she does and kind and generous in her interactions with others. When she talks about her summers with the kids at the camp you can see her light up and you just know that she does it with joy, enthusiasm, and love in her heart.

Nominee Organization: Celgene

I have known Helen for over 15 years. We both started as research study coordinators where we met at a conference. Since then we have taken some different routes and in the last few years, the same route, as Clinical Research Associates for CROs of IQVIA and now PRAHS. Helen was my mentor for a year. Helen possesses all the attributes of the Florence Effect! She is compassionate, sincere and generous of her time when interacting with site staff at all locations (hospitals, clinics, cancer centers). Having been a nurse, Helen knows that the staff she interacts with are vital in the lives of many patients who are going through clinical trials. Helen has been on the front lines and understands the needs of patients and the site staff who work with them. This makes her invaluable as a CRA. In the CRO/sponsor environment, Helen is innovative, gutsy, creative and determined in caring out her responsibilities. She has offered suggestions, shared ideas and experiences, taught other CRAs and site staff and does whatever it takes to get her job done

Nominee Organization: PRA Health Sciences

Nakia’s work ethic demonstrates all of the attributes of The Florence Effect and deserves to be recognized for her dedication to Clinical Research. Although our site has never met Nakia in person, she has made a tremendous impact on our site in San Diego. Nakia has on numerous occasions helped our site, and therefore our research clients, with the procurement of a required element for completion of an Amyloid Pet scan. These scans are crucial as they determine if an individual’s brain contains a protein (Amyloid) that is a hallmark of Alzheimer’s Disease. At times we cannot order this item directly, and at the last minute Nakia has stepped in to ensure we get what we need. This shows compassion, creativity and sincerity. She is empowered to make the decision to allow us to move forward even when we have exceeded the requested lead time for delivery. She is generous in responding to numerous emails and is determined to get the job done! Having a colleague that has a desire to help another team member succeed is the definition of

Nominee Organization: Avid Radiopharmaceuticals

Jennifer embodies each and every Florence Effect attribute. Through determination and innovation, Jennifer founded Javara, an integrated research organization, to empower patients interested in access to clinical research. She has always placed the patient experience as her highest priority and has created a tone at the top at Javara that places emphasis on patient care, compassion and excellence.

Nominee Organization: Javara Inc.

Garnette and I are both leads on the Kinevant study and it is an absolute pleasure to work with Garnette. She has taught me so much in such a short period of time regarding clinical research and I appreciate her tons!

Nominee Organization: Mount Sinai

Jovita Rodrigues finished Masters in research 3 yrs ago and has been working as Clinical research coordinator for almost a 5 yrs. She was my tutor and thought me all I know about the research. She is smart and genuine good person and excellent coordinator.

Nominee Organization: Apex Medical Research

Ferva is Senior Clinical Research Coordinator in the Division of Rheumatology. She ventured into a career in clinical research in 2013 with absolutely no clinical research experience. At that time, she was known for her positivity and caring attitude for patients and coworkers. Since then, Ferva has blossomed to a Senior Coordinator. She now manages and coordinates complex clinical trials from start to finish. She manages her own trials, holds lots of responsibilities within shared trials, and even help newer team members with theirs. Ferva goes above and beyond to accommodate study patients’ needs and has been recognized in patient testimonials. She tirelessly works around the clock to ensure that patients, sponsors, and her team are well-taken care of. She has been cited to be a top recruiter for studies as well and has been invited to investigator meetings to share her tips and tricks to recruit. As a coworker, Ferva is always willing to help anyone in need and mentor new members of the team, especially during times of lots of coordinator turn-over in the department.

Nominee Organization: Northwell Health

Christine is a wonderful CCRC. She embodies professionalism, knowledge and savvy of a great CRC. Christine is proactive not reactive. She calls or emails with questions, concerns and suggestions.

Nominee Organization: US Oncology -New Braunfels, TX

Joanne is very committed to research. She works endless hours, including her days off, to facilitate initiation and continuance of trials. She is determined for our CV research department to be successful by collaborating with her staff to find new innovative means to move trials forward in the best way possible. She is compassionate about her patients, and wants them taken care of the best possible way. She wants to do the follow-up visits of those patients she has developed a relationship with, and has assured the best way to keep them safe in this present pandemic. She is gutsy in that she speaks up when changes need to be made. She empowers her staff by praising us for our work, and when she needs to point out where improvement is needed, she uses a team approach, so people do not feel singled out.

Nominee Organization: Honor Health Cardiovascular Research
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